Incense Holders & Chai Tea

Tibetan Terracotta Holders

  • Bodhi Leaf
  • Round Knot

Ceramic Dragonfly Incense Holder

- Suitable for Japanese & Indian Incenses

Ceramic Incense Holders

  • Blue Elephants
  • Black Elephants


A delightfully sweet Indian spiced tea.
sweetness-dream Chai - 100g.
Enjoy hot with milk/soy milk and honey or cold in a tall glass with ice cream added.

Tea, Ground Cardamom, Ginger, Allspice, Aniseed , Cardamom Pods and Cinnamon Quills.

Meditation Gift Box

Guided meditation CD with an 18 page meditation booklet, 2 Tibetan Incenses ( Nag Champa and Sandalwood), Tibetan Incense holder and Tibetan Ghee Candle.

Heart-Garden Gift Box

Sri Chinmoy's Heart-Garden book of inspirational poems and aphorisms
presented with two delightful floral incenses, Lavender and Frangipani,
and a ceramic Frog incense holder.