Japanese Traditional Rolls

Plum Blossom / Kobunboku

A very traditional Japanese incense.
Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Borneol, Clove & Medicinal Herbs
Its name is taken from an ancient Chinese proverb in which plum blossoms were in bloom whilst the emperor studied but they wilted once he stopped. Kobunboku literally means a tree that likes to study.
30 sticks. approx. 40 min burning time.

Middle Path

(Great Origin)
Warming and soothing.
30 sticks, approx. 60 min burning time
The warm fragrance of Sandalwood, combined with Cinnamon, Cardamom, Borneo Camphor and sweet spices. Evokes the tranquillity of a Buddhist mountain retreat.

Mount Fuji

Meditation on the majesty of a mountain.
40 sticks, approx. 60 min burning time.
A time honoured Japanese incense recipe. The deep, rich peace invoking qualities of Sandalwood blended with Cinnamon and Clove.

Japanese Lotus

Evokes stillness and poise
35 sticks, approx. 80 min burning time
The haunting fragrance of Japan’s sacred Lotus.

Emperor's Choice

Bright and Uplifting
50 sticks, approx. 60 min burning time
Created with finest Japanese Aloeswood, expertly blended with Wintergreen and Japanese flowers.

Kyoto Autumn Leaves

Balancing and energising
35 sticks, approx. 55 min burning time
Comforts and energizes with a sweet, warm, invigorating blend of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cinnamon, and Benzoin.

orchid moon

Light and exotic
45 sticks, approx 55 mins burning time.
The sweet and delicate fragrance of Citrus Tachibana (Japanese Mandarin)
blended with Sandalwood & Cinnamon.

Golden Pavilion

Evokes peace and stillness
35 sticks, approx. 60 min burning time
Recalls the richness and splendour of Japanese
dynasty years for special festive occasions.
Contains Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Clove, Patchouli and Benzoin.
Click here to see a photo of the Golden Pavilion.

Kyoto Cherry Blossoms

Energising and uplifting
35 sticks, approx. 60 min burning time
A very special, subtle blend of Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Clove, Benzoin and Star Anise spices combine to evoke vitality and newness.

Hanabishi / Flower Diamond

Sweet, friendly and enlivening
Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Clove, Star Anise & Cardamon
45 sticks. approx 65 min burning time.

Gozan / Five Hills

For contemplation and quiet reflection.
Five legendary mountains enclosing Kyoto city provide inspiration for this mellow, deep blending of cloves and Patchouli with the finest Sandalwood from Mysore, India.
35 sticks. approx. 60 min burning time.