Himalayan Gift Boxes

Beautifully presented gift boxes Himalayanlined with handcrafted Tibetan paper. Two designs are available - Fire Flame and Gold Bodhi Leaf, both containing three different Tibetan incense rolls and a black, terracotta incense holder.

Himalayan Incense Boxes

Each Himalayan incense box contains a bundle of 35-38 sticks, each burning for 45 minutes. Each box is patterned in a traditional Golden Pema (Lotus) design.


Prepared by Tibetan Buddhist nuns, this is an uplifting, aromatic incense blend of sweet Himalayan flowers and herbs: Rhododendron, Juniper, Himalayan Cedarwood & Fragrant Bay Tree.
Prepared by Buddhist nuns from the Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery,
Kathmandu, Nepal.


A rich blend of traditional Himalayan Herbs and aromatic woods to heal the mind and body.
Sandalwood, Black Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Japanese Cedarwood, Jasmine, Nutmeg, Wormwood, Water Chestnut & other Himalayan Herbs.
Prepared by Buddhist nuns from the Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery,
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Large Himalayan Gift Boxes

Fire Flame Gift Box

"Fire means aspiration. Aspiration and the message of the Vedas are
inseparable. This fire is the fire of inner awakening and inner
mounting flame. It has no smoke in it. This fire does not burn
anything; it only illumines and elevates our consciousness."
- Sri Chinmoy

Incenses - Sandalwood, Juniper & Nag Champa.

Gold Bodhi Leaf Gift Box

The bodhi leaf is an ancient Tibetan symbol of wisdom, transcendence and perfection.

Prince Siddhartha seeking release from the suffering of humankind, sat under the canopy of a large bodhi tree and meditated until he attained enlightenment (or "nirvana") and became the Buddha.

Incenses - Sandalwood, Amber and Juniper.