Himalayan Paper Journals
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Handcrafted Tibetan Journals

Our unique handmade Tibetan paper journals are hardbacked and are produced according to ancient, Himalayan paper-making techniques. They are made from lokta paper, produced from the inner bark of the Daphne bush - grown in sustainably managed forests in the Himalayan foothills.

Three cover designs are available - Gold Bodhi Leaf, AUM and Tashi Delek.

- Gold Bodhi Leaf

The bodhi leaf is an ancient Tibetan symbol of wisdom, transcendence and perfection.
Prince Siddhartha seeking release from the suffering of humankind, sat under the canopy of a large bodhi tree and meditated until he attained enlightenment (or "nirvana") and became the Buddha.
50 pages. Available in ½,¼ and full A4 sizes.


AUM is the symbol of the Absolute and the indescribable.
Chanting this powerful mantra can bring the practitioner into a sense of profound resonance with the cosmic universe.
50 pages. Available in ¼ A4 size.

- Tashi Delek

Tashi Delek is an auspicious greeting in Tibet . It is often used in Tibetan wedding cards and is ideal for the launching of new ventures.

The Tibetan script, printed in gold, elaborates the essence of Tashi Delek in beautiful verse.

50 pages. Available in ¼ A4 size


Wisdom written in a beautiful, cursive Tibetan script.
50 pages. Available in ½ and ¼ A4 sizes.


Courage written in a beautiful, cursive Tibetan script.
50 pages. Available in ½ and ¼ A4 sizes.


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Himalayan pencils 

A bundle of 10 Himalayan pencils, colourfully wrapped in traditional Himalayan Lokta paper. Each pencil in the bundle is wrapped in a different coloured paper design.



Windhorse Paper Prayer Flags  

On Tibetan prayer flags the Lungta or Windhorse carries the prayers to the universe.

The five flag colours represent the five elements: Blue (earth), White (water), Red (fire), Green (cosmic wind) and Saffron (infinite space).

The hanging of prayer flags is thought to dispel danger and bring good fortune. These beautiful Tibetan prayer flags are made from Lokta paper and come in three sizes:

Tiny Prayer Flags: 15 Flags (3.5 x 3.5 cm), 65cm long.

Small Prayer Flags: 26 Flags (6.5 x 6.5 cm), 2.5 metres long.

Large Prayer Flags: 21 Flags (13 x 13 cm), 3 metres long.